Tucker Carlson Goes Nuts For 'Testicle Tanning' And The Internet Has Questions

The Fox News host’s guest suggested using infrared light as a “bromeopathic” therapy to improve testosterone levels.

Tucker Carlson, who recently came under fire for the homoerotic nature of the trailer for his upcoming “documentary,” which highlights the alleged collapse of testosterone levels in men, is under scrutiny again.

In a short clip, Carlson’s guest, Andrew McGovern, said, “If you want to optimize and take it [your testosterone] to another level, expose yourself to red light therapy”:

Carlton then asked McGovern if he’s referring to “testicle tanning.”

“It’s testicle tanning, but it’s also full body red light therapy,” McGovern replied.

Kid Rock, who visited the show after McGovern’s appearance, didn’t look like he’d be jumping on the trend any time soon. The rock performer cringed at the mention of the phrase “testicle tanning” when Carlson attempted to persuade him about the process:

McGovern claims “testicle tanning” has a “massive amount of benefits,” and called the approach “bromeopathic,” but viewers were skeptical:

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