Tucker Carlson Melts Into A Zombie On The New Republic's Damning Cover

It's an "apt and effective visual metaphor" of what the Fox News personality has become, said The New Republic's editor Michael Tomasky.

Tucker Carlson’s descent into a conspiracy theory-spewing, COVID-19 vaccine disinformation-spreading, self-confessed liar is depicted by his partial transformation into a zombie on the latest cover of The New Republic magazine.

The striking image is an “apt and effective visual metaphor” of what Carlson has become, the magazine’s editor Michael Tomasky told HuffPost on Thursday.

The New Republic

Artist Dale May edited photographer Stephen Voss’ portrait of Carlson for Redux Pictures to illustrate the accompanying deep dive into Carlson’s career.

The article by journalist Alex Shephard, titled “How Tucker Carlson Lost It,” documents how he “once craved responsibility” but adjusted “with a vengeance” after realizing right-wing audiences didn’t want real news.

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