Critics Erupt When Tucker Carlson Compares Vaccines To Nazi Experiments On Jews

Comparing vaccine requirements to Nazi atrocities is "peak despicable," said one Twitter user.

Fox NewsTucker Carlson was pummeled on social media Friday night after he compared vaccine requirements to protect Americans from COVID-19 to the barbaric experiments Nazis inflicted on Jews during World War II.

Critics pointed out that Fox News has a vaccine requirement so Carlson is likely not worried about contracting COVID himself, even while he encourages his viewers not to get them.

They also pointed out that, late last year, Fox “ghosted” contributor Lara Logan after she compared White House health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele for suggesting health guidelines to keep people safe amid the pandemic.

One critic called Carlson’s anti-Semitic dig, which belittles the ghoulish horror of Nazi experiments on Jews, “peak despicable.”

Other critics speculated Carlson was being as outrageous as possible to avoid talking about the week of bad news for former President Donald Trump, including the Supreme Court’s rejection of executive privilege as a valid reason not to turn records over to the House committee investigating the Capitol riot.

Others talked of the days when Americans couldn’t wait to get their life-saving vaccines.

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