Tucker To Journalist That Got Power Fired: "It's A Little Much Being Lectured On Journalistic Ethics By Someone From The Scotsman "

WOW: Today Tucker Carlson welcomed (er, "welcomed") British journalist Gerri Peev — aka "The Scot Heard 'Round The World" thanks to today's incendiary piece in The Scotsman wherein she quoted Barack Obama advisor Samantha Powers calling Hillary Clinton a "monster" — and the two mixed it up but good.

Tucker began from the presumption that Peev had deliberately printed a comment that was off the record; Peev maintained that anything was fair game after the parties had agreed to start and the tape recorder was rolling. Tucker thought Powers' request for clemency ought to have been good enough; Peev sniffed: "Are you really that acquiescent in the United States?" Then cameth the smackdown from Tucker: "Since journalistic standards in Great Britain are so much dramatically lower than they are here, it's a little much being lectured on journalistic ethics by a reporter from The Scotsman."

Due to satellite delay, the audience got a chance to react (i.e. mouth dropping open) before Peev did; watch for her arch "Really!" as Tucker keeps talking/insulting her. Responded Peev: "If this is the first time that candid remarks have been published about what one campaign team thinks of the other candidate, then I would argue that your journalists aren't doing a very good job of getting to the truth." Ouch.

Watch it and squirm along with the rest of us below:

On MSNBC Friday, Tucker Carlson had it out with the journalist behind the Hillary is a "monster" story over journalistic ethics.

Full interview at MSNBC here.