Tuesday's Morning Email: A Look At Trump's Vague New Afghanistan Strategy

Which likely involves an increase in troops.


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TRUMP ANNOUNCES VAGUE NEW AFGHANISTAN STRATEGY THAT LIKELY INVOLVES TROOP INCREASE The president said in a primetime televised address that he will no longer disclose how many troops will be deployed, but he opened the door to more deployments in America’s longest war. Here’s how this about-face for Donald Trump stacks up compared to his promises about building a wall and tearing up the Iran nuclear deal. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

SO EVERYONE FREAKED OUT ABOUT THE ECLIPSE From your favorite celebrities to the president, eclipse fever abounded. Check out some of the incredible photos from the event that stopped productivity for a solid few hours across the country. Fox News host Shepard Smith went wild for eclipse coverage, and his colleague Tucker Carlson delivered this gem of a line, saying Trump looking at the eclipse without glasses was “Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done.” [HuffPost]

U.S. NAVY CONTINUES SEARCHING FOR 10 MISSING SAILORS When the USS John S. McCain and the tanker Alnic MC collided, compartments that included a crew sleeping area were flooded and sealed. [Reuters]

AT LEAST 33 PEOPLE INJURED IN TRAIN COLLISION IN PENNSYLVANIA After a high-speed train crashed into an empty train that was parked in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. [HuffPost]

THE SECRET SERVICE CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY ITS AGENTS WITH THE LEVEL OF TRUMP TRAVEL Without a fix, at least 1,100 agents wouldn’t be eligible for overtime that they will be expected to work for the rest of this year. [HuffPost]

‘CAN NORTH KOREA ACTUALLY HIT THE U.S. WITH A NUCLEAR WEAPON?’ Breaking down the technology the country would need to successfully follow through on its threats. [NYT]

POLICE SHOT AND KILLED MAIN BARCELONA TERROR SUSPECT Younes Abouyaaqoub allegedly drove the van that killed at least 13 people in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas boulevard attack last week. [HuffPost]


‘THE MAKING OF DYLANN ROOF’ This GQ reporter spent months in South Carolina trying to answer what could have possibly motivated someone to murder eight black parishioners and their pastor. [GQ]

THE LENGTHS A MAN WILL GO FOR HIS MAGNETS “Shihan Qu says his powerful magnet balls inspire a sense of ‘childhood wonder’ in adults. But the feds say they’re too dangerous to be on the market.” [HuffPost]

THE ONLY THING COMPETING WITH THE ECLIPSE FOR ATTENTION MONDAY Was more cryptic messages from Taylor Swift. Could this be the album fulfilling all our wildest dreams? [HuffPost]

BIG BEN ISN’T GOING TO CHIME FOR FOUR YEARS And we’re all down to pour a pint out until London’s finest is back up and running. [HuffPost]

JOHN STAMOS GAVE THE INTERNET A GIFT When he got into his birthday suit for his birthday. [HuffPost]