Tuesday's Morning Email: Another GOP Senator Denounces Trump

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she could not support her party's nominee.


GOP SENATOR TAKES AIM AT DONALD TRUMP Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) made one of the "strongest declarations against Trump by a sitting Republican lawmaker." Read her full column here. And 50 Republican national security advisors also penned a brutal open letter that eviscerated Trump. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

LILLY KING BRINGS HOME THE GOLD After wagging her finger at Russian Yulia Efimova for doping allegations, King was able to follow through by beating her for the gold in the 100-meter breaststroke. The media is under fire for some of its sexist coverage this Olympics. The internet loved Michael Phelps' stern pump-up face yesterday. The USA women's field hockey pulled off another huge upset. A second boxer has been arrested on sexual assault charges in the Olympic village. Here's what to watch for tonight, from the women's gymnastics team competitionto more Phelps and Katie Ledecky. And follow along with HuffPost's latest Olympics coverage here. [Lee Moran, HuffPost]


DELTA FLIGHTS STILL IMPACTED TODAY After 1,000 flights were grounded yesterday while the systems were down, Delta expects 100 more will be canceled today and 200 delayed. Here's what such a system outage means for the Delta as a company. [CNN]

900 MILLION ANDROID SMARTPHONES ARE AT RISK Security vulnerabilities leave the devices open to hackers to take control. [Fox]

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PUERTO RICO "Swimming pools pop up in slums, horses graze in schoolhouses, and public housing tenants pay negative rent on an island whose government has effectively gone broke." [NYT]

WALMART BUYING JET FOR $3.3 BILLION Watch out Amazon -- Walmart wants in on that serious e-commerce money. [WSJ | Paywall]

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'THE GREEN PARTY TAKES ITSELF VERY SERIOUSLY, BUT NO ONE ELSE SHOULD' "The disorganization, borderline paranoia and participation-ribbon mentality (literally, if the press badges were to be believed) on display left little hope that the Green Party will be little more than an unproductive nuisance through November." [HuffPost]

LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF COMPANIES HAVE REMOVED THAT YOGA-MAT CHEMICAL FROM THEIR BREAD They just aren't broadcasting it was there in the first place. [Bloomberg]

THE STATES MAKING MOVES -- TO PROTECT THE 1 PERCENT Inside the "competitive game of giveaway." [NYT]

SO MUCH FOR THROWBACK THURSDAYS Monday saw all kinds of entertainment scoops -- Craig Robinson revealed how he tried to bribe "The Office" show runner for Steve Carell's spot, Jennifer Grey talks her"Dirty Dancing" remake refusal and Bow Wow retired. Yes, he was still working. [HuffPost]

FORGET KETCHUP Your life will forever be changed by "fry sauce." [HuffPost]


THIS SELF-DRIVING CAR DROVE A MAN TO THE HOSPITAL AFTER HE SUFFERED A PULMONARY EMBOLISM Joshua Neally doesn't remember much of that ride -- but he's alive today because of that Tesla vehicle. [HuffPost]

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~ We live in a world where colleges have pizza ATMs now.

~ Uh-oh B-list "Bachelor" stars -- you now need to be way more transparent about your sponsored posts, says the Federal Trade Commission.

~ This couple died in the same room 20 minutes apart -- after 63 years of marriage.

~ This mom lays out the importance of that extra box of Kleenex from school supply shopping.

~ Take a look at part two of The New York Times think tank investigation.

~ All the food that you eat is fake. Or at least, a lot of it is.

~ "Saturday Night Live" dropped vets Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah.

~ Fast Company takes a look a Apple's "long game."

~ What can't Brie Larson do? The Oscar winner is directing her first feature.

~ USA network wants to feed your secret society fix.


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