Tuesday's Morning Email: China Vows Action After Hague Rejects Its Claims To South China Sea

China has vowed to protect its maritime interests.


HAGUE RULES CHINA HAS NO CLAIM TO SOUTH CHINA SEA The international tribunal also ruled the country was violating the sovereign rights of the Philippines. [Reuters]

WHAT IT TAKES TO RESCUE 26 REFUGEES FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA “Last month, The Huffington Post boarded a small Portuguese maritime police boat navigating these waters to get a first-hand look at how these travelers are identified and brought to safety.” Watch it all in360 degrees. [Willa Frej, HuffPost]

MEET THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER OF THE U.K. Inside the political riseof Britain’s next leader, Theresa May. And David Cameron will step downWednesday. [Willa Frej, HuffPost]

YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT FOR A PIKACHU Inside the security risks of Pokemon Go. [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

GOOGLE’S PLACE IN THE CYBER TERRORISM FIGHT The company fights off over 4,000 state-sponsored cyber terrorism attacks a month. [Reuters]

AT LEAST 10 DEAD IN HEAD-ON TRAIN CRASH IN ITALY Dozens were injured in the deadly collision in the south of Italy. [Reuters]

THE UNDERREPORTING OF PHYSICIAN SEXUAL ABUSE “A yearlong investigation conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, published last week, uncovered thousands of cases of physician sexual abuse spread across every state in America.” [CNN]

SANDERS EXPECTED TO ENDORSE CLINTON TODAY As all the support goes Hillary Clinton’s way, Amanda Terkel takes a look at the “long, hard fight to finally get a woman at the top of the ticket.” [Amanda Terkel, HuffPost]

For more video news from The Huffington Post, check out this morning’s newsbrief.


UBER WANTS TO BE YOUR MASS TRANSIT On Tuesday afternoon, Uber will begin offering a limited number of prepaid, multi-week passes to Manhattan commuters willing to share rides with other passengers.” [Slate]

WHY TIM DUNCAN WILL GO DOWN AS AN ALL-TIME GREAT San Antonio Spurs star Duncan is being hailed for his two-way player stats and his work as the ultimate teammate. [HuffPost]

EXAMINING THE PAY GAP FOR FEMALE DOCTORS Who earn on average $20,000 less than their male counterparts. [NYT]

TAYLOR SWIFT MADE A LOT OF MONEY LAST YEAR 170 million big ones in fact. That’s enough to buy a million-strong blow up swan fleet, but then again ― that’s so 2015. [Forbes]

THE iPHONE BUMP IS HERE TO STAY According to the latest leaks of what the iPhone 7 looks like. [Mashable]

MEET PUTIN’S NEMESIS How this man could “invent a new Russia from exile.” [Vanity Fair]


LIVING OFF $5 A YEAR FOR FOOD Inside the art of dumpster diving. [HuffPost]

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