Tuesday's Morning Email: Clinton Crushes Trump At First Presidential Debate

Howard Fineman called Trump's debate performance "the worst ever."


HILLARY CLINTON CRUSHES FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Here’s how Clinton wonby not losing.” Commentators overall called the debate for Clinton, some even halfway through the debate. Howard Fineman described Donald Trump’s debate performance as the “worst ever,” as the candidate’s ability to improvise failed against Clinton’s preparation. Here’s a transcript of the showdown, annotated, along with HuffPost’s debate lie counter. These are the topics the debate missed. And check out the highlights. [Ryan Grim, Sam Stein and Amanda Terkel, HuffPost]

AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE PUBLIC Frank Luntz’s polling group gave Clinton the edge, 17 to 3. A CNN focus group had a similar result. Undecideds weren’t buying into this version of Trump, with his interrupting ranking high on the list of negatives. And on a moderator note ― Lester Holt got points for stepping in on Trump’s Iraq War stance, but mostly disappeared the rest of the night. [S.V. Date, HuffPost]

NAZI ITEMS FOUND IN HOUSTON SHOOTER’S POSSESSION”A Houston lawyer whose business was struggling opened fire on morning commuters on Monday, injuring at least nine people before being shot dead by police, authorities said.” [Reuters]

THE WELLS FARGO SCANDAL CONTINUES TO SPIRAL Former employees allege they were fired for failing to open fake accounts. [CNN]

PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE CRIED WATCHING THE MARLINS GAME LAST NIGHT Watching Dee Jordan hit a homerun for Jose Fernandez, crying and calling it the best moment of his life was something. That ball “had wings.” [Chris D’Angelo, HuffPost]

MYLAN’S PROFIT NUMBERS SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER THAN THOSE TESTIFIED TO CONGRESS The company embroiled in the EpiPen pricing scandal clarified that they make 60 percent more profit off EpiPens than Mylan CEO Heather Bresch told Congress. [WSJ | Paywall]


A SHAMELESS PLUG FOR ONE OF OUR OWN The Morning Email’s own Eliot Nelson wrote a pretty fantastic guide to the absurdity that is life in Washington, D.C. Read an excerpt of his hilarious book and get yourself a copy. [HuffPost’s Finest]

YOUR DIGITAL FUNERAL Don’t really want to think about what our last tweet was. [Buzzfeed]

THE EIGHT STAGES OF EVERY TV COUPLE Because you need to break down the will-they-or-won’t-they. [Vulture]

THE PROBLEM WITH ‘BOYFRIEND’ CLOTHES “This kind of studied carelessness is another version of a bespoke suit you can’t afford.” [Racked]

SOMEONE GIVE THESE PARENTS MEDALS And comfort their children as their parents’ mockery of their Instagrams have just gone viral. [Buzzfeed]


~ The Sheryl Sandberg-McKinsey report on how women see the workplace differently is worth a read.

~ Could Disney buy Twitter?

~ Kate Middleton won all of the style awards Monday night with thisbreathtaking red dress.

~ Amy Schumer owned the Mets kiss cam.

~ This guy has cost Chrysler $5 billion. Yes that’s BILLION, not million.

~ “Modern Family” has hired the first transgender child actor.

~ Don’t worry, if our civilization continues to crumble, it looks like there’s hope for us to live on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

~ Nate Silver is losing faith in us all.

~ We love that “Will & Grace” did a political ad, but are semi-devastated it means the show is not, in fact, returning for real.

~ And Rob Kardashian decided we didn’t have enough madness going on last night, so he put Kylie Jenner’s phone number on blast.


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