Tuesday's Morning Email: Congress Stalled Technology That May Have Prevented Washington Amtrak Derailment

Which killed three and injured over 100.


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AT LEAST THREE ARE DEAD FOLLOWING WASHINGTON STATE AMTRAK DERAILMENT OVER HIGHWAY More than 100 passengers and workers were transported to local hospitals after the “train hurtled off an overpass during its inaugural run of a new high-speed service route.” The train was reportedly going 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. And it turns out Congress delayed a key safeguard that could have helped prevent accidents like this one. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

REPUBLICANS ARE CALLING FOR ANOTHER TAX BILL TO MAKE ‘TECHNICAL CORRECTIONS’ Meanwhile, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who stands to personally benefit from the legislation, is feeling the heat with the viral hashtag #CorkerKickback. [HuffPost]

MEET THE DRUG UNION “Self-organized groups of opioid users are working together to stay alive and fight the stigma of drug use — even if they’re not trying to quit.” [HuffPost]

NORTH KOREA NAMED CULPRIT BEHIND MASSIVE CYBERATTACK EARLIER THIS YEAR “The invasive “WannaCry” attack affected more than 230,000 computers across the globe for several days in May, shutting down universities, warehouses and banks. It also managed to put hospital systems in the U.K. on lockdown.” [HuffPost]

IT’S BEEN A WEEK SINCE THE ELECTION And Roy Moore still won’t concede Alabama. [HuffPost]

THE PENTAGON’S FORMER UFO HUNTER SAYS ‘WE MAY NOT BE ALONE’ So no, you’re not the only one hearing the “X-Files” theme song suddenly. [HuffPost]


MERYL STREEP RESPONDS TO ROSE MCGOWAN’S CRITICISM “I wasn’t deliberately silent. I didn’t know. I don’t tacitly approve of rape. I didn’t know.” [HuffPost]

NORWAY VOTED TO DECRIMINALIZE ALL DRUG USE Moving more toward a treatment system. [HuffPost]

ABOUT THAT CALIFORNIA REPORT ON SLEEPING WITH YOUR PHONE AND INFERTILITY Turns out the state Department of Public Health “never meant for the document to be a public warning of any kind.” [HuffPost]

INSIDE THE TWITTER PURGE OF NEO-NAZI AND ALT-RIGHT ACCOUNTS “New rules implemented on Twitter Monday have led to the suspensions of accounts belonging to prominent neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other far-right extremists.” [HuffPost]

SIX CONVERSATION STARTERS That’ll lead to meaningful catch-ups this holiday season. [HuffPost]

SO THAT’S WHY WE CALL THOSE HOLIDAY GAMES Yankee Swap, White Elephant or Dirty Santa. [HuffPost]