Tuesday's Morning Email: How Betsy DeVos Became The Most Hated Cabinet Secretary

"Meet the new Democratic bogeyman for 2018."


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HOW BETSY DEVOS BECAME THE MOST HATED CABINET SECRETARY “Lawmakers and activists say they’ve heard more about Betsy DeVos than any other Cabinet secretary ever ― often from people who aren’t usually politically engaged.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

U.S. TO ‘ALLOW REFUGEES FROM ALL COUNTRIES, BUT WITH NEW RULES’ “The Trump administration will allow refugee admissions to the U.S. to resume for all countries but with new rules meant to better vet applicants, administration officials and others familiar with the planning said.” [WSJ | Paywall

U.S. CONSIDERING PUNISHMENT OF MYANMAR Over the country’s horrific treatment of its Rohingya Muslim minority. [Reuters]

GOLD STAR FAMILY PROMISED $25,000 BY TRUMP RECEIVES CHECK A week after it became public the president had not fulfilled his promise to send it. [HuffPost]

MEGYN KELLY HITS OUT AT BILL O’REILLY’S CLAIMS THAT NO ONE COMPLAINED ABOUT HIM “This must stop,” Kelly said Monday. “The abuse of women, the shaming of them, the threatening and the retaliation, the silencing them after the fact — it has to stop.” Bill O’Reilly later said that “I truly believe that these people at the New York Times are out to hurt people with whom they disagree” and that he was “mad at God.” [HuffPost]

YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU SHOULD BE ALARMED That nuclear “alert pads” are being updated. [WaPo]

GOODBYE MEDIA TRAFFIC (AND PROFITABILITY) AS WE KNOW IT Facebook is rolling out a test where it removes publishers’ content from people’s newsfeeds. [ReCode]


MAKE SURE TO THROW AWAY THESE PACKAGED VEGETABLES IN YOUR FRIDGE Due to a possible listeria contamination. [HuffPost]

GOOD NEWS, ASTROS FANS Sports Illustrated predicted the team would win the 2017 World Series years ago. [HuffPost]

WHAT’S COMING AND LEAVING NETFLIX NEXT MONTH If you’re dedicated enough, and watch about 11 episodes a day, you could binge all of “How I Met Your Mother” before it leaves. Totally doable. [HuffPost]

NYC MAY ADD TOLLS TO COMBAT DOWNTOWN TRAFFIC London, Singapore, Oslo and Stockholm have similar pricing schemes in effect. [HuffPost]

THIS GUY REPORTEDLY GOT TICKETED FOR SINGING ALONG TO HIS FAVORITE SONG IN THE CAR It’s a miracle we’re not millions of dollars in debt if that’s a crime. Sorry, sometimes you just wanna dance with somebody. [HuffPost]

HOW TO MAKE YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDY HAUL EVEN BETTER Take a look at these wine pairings. You’re so very welcome. [HuffPost]