Tuesday's Morning Email: Inside The GOP Health Care And Immigration Order Overhauls

And what was behind North Korea's missile launch.


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HOUSE REPUBLICANS UNVEIL BILL TO REPEAL OBAMACARE Here’s everything you need to know about the fundamental differences between the two plans, as well as an interactive that shows which parts of the Affordable Care Act could change or be repealed ― and who could lose coverage. Twitter had quite the field day comparing the two plans. [HuffPost]

BREAKING DOWN THE NEW IMMIGRATION EXECUTIVE ORDER Introduced 31 days after the original travel ban, the new version “blocks all refugees for 120 days but does not single out Syrians for an indefinite ban. It bars certain individuals from six Muslim-majority countries for 120 days rather than the original seven ― Iraqis are not not affected ― and exempts current visa holders.” Read the executive order in full here. [HuffPost]

U.S. DEPLOYS ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM IN SOUTH KOREA AFTER NORTH KOREAN MISSILE TESTS China is not happy about the move, which it says threatens the regional security balance. And The Washington Post is reporting that the North Korean missiles were practice for hitting U.S. military bases in Japan. [Reuters]

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: POLLUTION KILLS 1.7 MILLION CHILDREN EACH YEAR Dirty water and air, second-hand smoke and a lack of adequate hygiene can be deadly for children. [Reuters]

HOMELAND SECURITY CONTEMPLATING SEPARATING WOMEN AND CHILDREN AT THE BORDER “Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Monday confirmed a Reuters report that he was considering a proposal to separate women and children who cross the U.S. border with Mexico illegally, a policy shift he said was aimed at deterring people from making a dangerous journey.” [Reuters]

CASEY ANTHONY SPEAKS OUT The 30-year-old, who was acquitted six years ago of killing her daughter Caylee, detailed her life today. “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night,” she said. [AP]

BEN CARSON HAD QUITE THE PR DAY MONDAY His commentary about slaves being the original immigrants (and yes, the tweets on that are a doozy) to arguing that you can drill into the hippocampus to improve memory function all took place in his first official federal speech to HUD employees. [HuffPost]

YOUR TSA SECURITY PAT-DOWN IS ABOUT TO GET ‘MORE INTIMATE THAN EVER BEFORE’ Note to self: Stop wearing leggings to the airport. [HuffPost]


CHANCE THE RAPPER DONATED $1 MILLION TO CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS “I’m challenging major companies across the U.S. to donate and take action,” he said. “As a private citizen, a parent, and a product of CPS, I’m asking you to fight with me.” [HuffPost]

THE CREEPY CLOWNS MIGHT HAVE RETURNED And this time they’re allegedly armed. Want more bizarre news? Check out our Weird News email. [HuffPost]

WHILE WE ARE ALL EXCITED FOR SEEING ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ We have to bow down to Beyoncé and Blue Ivy for their premiere outfits ― they win best-dressed by a mile. [HuffPost]

DREAM CASTING ALERT Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks will be playing Kay Graham and Ben Bradlee in a Steven Spielberg film about the Pentagon Papers. [HuffPost]

CHRISSY TEIGEN’S ESSAY ON POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IS A MUST-READ “I also just didn’t think it could happen to me.” [HuffPost

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~ Donald Trump: Funding for Planned Parenthood can continue if the organization stops providing abortions.

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