Tuesday's Morning Email: NASA Spacecraft Enters Jupiter's Orbit

The spacecraft will continue on a 20 month journey.


HELLO, JUPITER "After a tense, 35-minute engine burn, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully began its orbit of Jupiter late Monday evening, the pivotal moment of the space agency’s five-year long venture to reach the planet." Here's what the space craft will be up to over the next 20 months, and a look at its precarious entry into orbit. [Chris D'Angelo, HuffPost

SUICIDE BOMB ATTACKS RIP THROUGH SAUDI ARABIA The three attacks in 24 hours targeted U.S. diplomats, Shiite worshippers and a security headquarters at a mosque, following days of terror assaults in Turkey, Bangladesh and Iraq. Early Tuesday, a suicide bomber detonated outside of a police headquarters in Solo, Indonesia. [Reuters]

SUPERBUG FOUND IN RIO WATERS A drug-resistant bacteria was found in the bays bordering where the sailing competition will be held. [CNN]

AND ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, one of the key campaigners for Brexit, said he was stepping down. [Reuters]

AUTHORITIES CONTINUE TO PROBE CENTRAL PARK EXPLOSION A probable homemade firework reportedly caused the blast after college student Connor Golden stepped on it. His left leg was amputated below the knee. [WaPo]

OBAMA, BIDEN WON'T VISIT UNIVERSITIES WITH BAD SEXUAL ASSAULT RECORDS The president, vice president, their wives and members of the Cabinet will not speak at campuses "deemed to be doing a poor job tackling the troubling frequency of reported sexual assaults." [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

NUTRITIONISTS AREN'T ON THE GRANOLA BANDWAGON WITH US But sushi gets high marks in a look at how the public perceives the health value of food compared with how nutritionists see food. [NYT]


SO PEOPLE AREN'T HAPPY ABOUT KEVIN DURANT The Oklahoma City standout has signed with the Golden State Warriors, teaching us all a lesson in how the underdog team of seasons past becomes the hated opponent and how people really love to burn jerseys on Twitter. [HuffPost]

ALL YOUR CELEBRITIES TOOK THE SAME FOURTH OF JULY INSTAS Maybe with more expensive filters. [HuffPost]

EXCEPT FOR TAYLOR SWIFT AND TOM HIDDLESTON Those photos included a "I <3 TS" shirt. And Taylor wasn't wearing it. [HuffPost]


INSIDE AMERICA'S OBSESSION WITH FLORIDA "We're the third-most populous state, with 20 million people and nearly 100 million annual visitors all crammed into a narrow peninsula where we can ram our cars into each other and yell at each other in a dozen different languages." [Vice]

AND IN CASE YOU NEED TO GET FIREWORK SOOT OFF YOUR WHITE SHOES Grab a toothbrush and these ingredients, and they'll be good as new. [Buzzfeed]


FORGET LIKES, NOW YOU CAN RAISE MONEY ON FACEBOOK "The social media giant launched a new feature ... that lets individual users start their own fundraising pages on the site ... People will now be able to create personalized pages allowing them to collect donations from their friends for a nonprofit of their choice." [HuffPost]

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~ The New York Times made an intriguing graphic about an intriguing town in Newfoundland -- and the story does not appear to be left over from April Fool's Day.

~ The '90s prison sentences causing overflow in jails today.

~ Looking back at the "Greatest Fourth Of July Party That Ever Was."

~ Reports are out that Anna Kendrick wants to play "Squirrel Girl," which apparently is a real comic book hero.

~ Prepare to have your mind blown over the reason why spaghetti spoonshave a hole.

~ And don't worry, Joey Chestnut reclaimed his title in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. All is right with the world.


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