Tuesday's Morning Email: North, South Korea To Hold Nuclear Talks

North Korea says it's also open to negotiations with the U.S.


Tuesday, March 6

Hi there! Eliot Nelson here filling in for Lauren Weber while she’s on vacation. Lauren will be back next Monday!

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NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA TO HOLD DENUCLEARIZATION TALKS The meetings will be the first in over a decade. [Reuters]  [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

TEXANS HEAD TO POLLS TODAY The Lone Star State is holding the first 2018 primaries, and turnout is being closely monitored. Democrats are outpacing Republicans in early voting. [HuffPost]

TRUMP BREAKS PROMISE ... AGAIN President Donald Trump reportedly told Australia’s prime minister that its steel and aluminum industry would be exempt from any new tariffs. [HuffPost]  

OREGON ENACTS NEW GUN SAFETY LAW It’s the first state to do so since last month’s shooting at a high school in Florida. [HuffPost]

YOU ARE PROBABLY HAVING A BETTER WEEK THAN SAM NUNBERG During several interviews published and broadcast Monday, the former Trump campaign aide said he won’t cooperate with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury weighing evidence over Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election. CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Nunberg if he had been drinking. [HuffPost]

TRUMP ORG STAFF BOOTED FROM TRUMP HOTEL The Panama City showdown ended with the name “Trump” being scraped from the hotel’s facade. [HuffPost


OSCARS VIEWERSHIP HITS RECORD LOW 26.5 million people tuned in, down over 19 percent from 2017. [HuffPost]

THE RISE OF THE FAR RIGHT IN ITALY Sunday’s election signals a continued growth in far-right and anti-immigrant parties throughout Europe. [HuffPost]

ISRAEL BOYCOTT BAN PROMPTS FREE SPEECH FIGHT The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed suit against Arizona State University for banning speakers who call for boycotts against Israel. [HuffPost]

RICHARD SPENCER A BUST IN MICHIGAN After several contentious days in the state, the white supremacist’s MSU speech to drew a tiny crowd. [HuffPost]

 ‘CALL ME BY YOUR NAME: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO’ The director of “Call Me By Your Name” discussed his plans for the film’s sequel. [HuffPost