Tuesday's Morning Email: Search For Malaysia Airlines Plane That Vanished In 2014 Called Off

After nearly three years.


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SEARCH FOR MH370 OFFICIALLY CALLED OFF After nearly three years of searching for the remains of the plane carrying 239 people to Beijing that disappeared in 2014, Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities have called off the search. Check out a timeline of the search, as well as the hunt “by the numbers.” [Reuters]

BREXIT IS HAPPENING “The United Kingdom will leave Europe’s single market, put new restrictions on immigration, and remove Britain from the jurisdiction of the European Union laws, Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday in a long-anticipated speech detailing her government’s approach to the June vote to leave the bloc.” [Alana Horowitz Satlin and Eline Gordts, HuffPost]

MORE DEMOCRATS ARE BOYCOTTING THE INAUGURATION Over 40 members of Congress have committed to not going, including Rep. Keith Ellison, a leading candidate for DNC chair. [Jennifer Bendery, HuffPost]

WIFE OF ORLANDO NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING ARRESTED The FBI has taken Noor Salman into custody “in connection with the shooting on charges of aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terror group and obstructing justice.” [Willa Frej, HuffPost]

330 MARINES LAND IN NORWAY Russia condemned the deployment, which is meant to “buttress” the U.S. and its European allies’ defenses against the country. [NYT]

SUSPECTED ISTANBUL NIGHTCLUB ATTACKER ARRESTED “The gunman suspected of killing 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Day has been caught by police in the city’s Esenyurt district, the Hurriyet newspaper website and other media reports said on Tuesday.” [Reuters]

THAT TIME A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT INTERFERED IN U.S. ELECTIONS And it was ally Great Britain in 1940. [Politico]

MAPPING OUT WHAT THE U.S. GETS FOR ‘DEFENDING ALLIES’ Breaking down the numbers on what that translates to after Trump’s disparaging remarks about NATO. [NYT]


THE YELLOW FEVER OUTBREAK IN BRAZIL COULD BECOME AN EPIDEMIC “Public health officials in Brazil suspect that a small yellow fever outbreak in Minas Gerais, a populous landlocked state adjacent to São Paulo state, has infected 110 people and killed 30, according to a Friday report.” [HuffPost]

AND THE TOP COUNTRY TO TRAVEL TO THIS YEAR... We’ll give you a hint. It starts with a P. [HuffPost]

NOT TO GET YOUR HOPES UP But “Game of Thrones” prequel talk is on the rise. [HuffPost]

BAD NEWS, COFFEE LOVERS Your cup of joe is about to get a bit more expensive. [Bloomberg]

THE ORIGINAL NETFLIX SHOWS TO LOOK FORWARD TO THIS YEAR Because let’s be real, that “The OA” withdrawal is rough. [Vanity Fair


~ You can up your photography skills with this free online class from Harvard (you really don’t want to be lagging in the Insta department).

~ About those Tom Hardy-playing-James Bond rumors ...

~ Breaking down where the term “revenge body” came from.

~ What happens when you return to the states with a disease U.S. doctors have never seen.

~ Mariah Carey and Elton John made $4.2 million performing at the wedding of a Russian billionaire’s granddaughter.

~ Disney buffs will love this video analyzing the top shots in Disney movie history.

~ We are low-key obsessed with this video of two cellists killing the “Game of Thrones” theme song.

~ People really want to know where Kendall Jenner’s leg is in this photo (but actually we still want to know the colors of the dress).

~ This little girl is Taylor Swift’s doppelgänger.

~ Lin-Manuel Miranda made a “West Wing” rap​ that obviously mentions Mrs. Landingham, so that’s at least a big win for the day.


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