Tuesday's Morning Email: Trump Calls For "Extreme Vetting" For Immigrants To U.S.

In an extension of his Muslim ban comments.


TRUMP CALLS FOR ‘EXTREME VETTING’ FOR IMMIGRANTS “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday proposed that the United States administer an ideological test to visa applicants before allowing them to enter the country. The test amounts to an expansion of Trump’s controversial plan to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States ― blocking people from certain countries and anyone whose views are deemed un-American.” In response, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid suggested the candidate would fail a naturalization test. [Christina Wilkie and Elise Foley, HuffPost]

ALLYSON FELIX IS NOW THE MOST-DECORATED FEMALE TRACK AND FIELD ATHLETE FOR THE U.S. She won her third silverMonday night (she already has four golds) in the 400-meter dash. We’re a bit obsessed over this photo of Michael Phelps asking for Katie Ledecky’s autograph. Laurie Hernandez took home silver on the beam, with Simone Biles nabbing bronze. And we love that Leslie Jones, who is having ablast in Rio, is starting a campaign to show Gabby Douglas some love. Here’s how to follow along with HuffPost’s Olympic coverage. [Nick Visser, HuffPost]

SAUDI AIRSTRIKE ON DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS HOSPITAL KILLS 11 And wounds at least 19 more in the latest attack on a medical facility. [Reuters]

MEET THE DEMOCRAT WHO CHALLENGED A DONOR TO HER OPPONENT’S SUPER PAC TO A DEBATE Paul Singer wrote a $500,000 check to Zephyr Teachout’s opponent’s super PAC. [Zach Carter, HuffPost]

PENNSYLVANIA ATTORNEY GENERAL FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS OF PERJURY Kathleen Kane was convicted of leaking grand jury information to a reporter and then lying about it. [Reuters]

CURFEW IN PLACE IN MILWAUKEE In a move to “quell riots” after a police shooting of an armed black man. [Reuters]

IMAGINE JAIL ― WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING “Judges from Arizona to Mississippi to Wisconsin have declared over the years that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbids incarceration in decidedly hot or cold temperatures. Still, prison reform activists encounter deep resistance in their quest to cool the nation’s cellblocks.” [NYT]

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‘THE NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE’ IS NO MORE After Comedy Central announced the cancellation, Wilmore said the move was part of the “Unblackening” happening along with the 2016 election. [HuffPost]

AFTER SEVEN MURDERS IN THIS THIS PHOENIX NEIGHBORHOOD “It’s like you’re a sitting duck.” [The Trace]

MEET THE SUPER-RECOGNIZERS This London police unit relies on their incredible knack for remembering faces. [The New Yorker]

THIS FUNGUS IS COMING FOR YOUR BANANAS They could all be gone in five to 10 years. [Digg]

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT HAS A QUESTION FOR YOU “Via his production company, HitRecord, Gordon-Levitt solicited online submissions encouraging people from all corners of the political spectrum to discuss their positions on government in the digital age.” [HuffPost]

THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO AN OLYMPIAN’S MOM Brazilian authorities blew up Cindy Lloyd’s suitcase after she left it at a cruise ship. [NYT]


HOW TO HELP THE LOUISIANA FLOODING VICTIMS “President Barack Obama declared a federal emergency on Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where floods have killed at least seven people and displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes. More than 20,000 residents have been rescued, according to ABC, and 12,000 people are in shelters.” [HuffPost]

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~ That time Dick Van Dyke (who is 90) broke out into “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in a Denny’s.

~ For all the movie critic haters out there, turns out you might just belistening after all.

~ Sorry Beliebers ― Justin Bieber has officially quit Instagram.

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~ Brian Williams’ comeback continues with reports that MSNBC may give him his own show.

~ Returning to real life after winning gold.

~ This Nike ad about an 86-year-old nun who competes in triathlons should be enough to get you off the couch.

~ Remember that time Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng hung out on vacation?


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