Tuesday's Morning Email: Trump Takes To YouTube

To detail what his presidency will look like.


DONALD TRUMP TAKES TO YOUTUBE To detail his strategy for his presidency ― noticeably missing were his campaign promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act, build a wall and enact a Muslim ban. He did vow to back out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first day of office. [Alana Horowitz Satlin, HuffPost]

TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN ISSUES SHORT STATEMENT DENOUNCING RACISM OF ANY KIND After outrage grew over a white nationalist conference in D.C. that celebrated the president-elect’s win with Nazi salutes. And HuffPost’s Eliot Nelson explains what drives the alt-right. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

CHATTANOOGA SCHOOL BUS CRASH KILLS SIX CHILDREN And left two dozen more hospitalized. The driver has been arrested and charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. [Reuters]

WHEN BILLIONAIRES TAKE ON THE PRESS What an attack on libel laws could mean for a press industry at a turning point, and why Trump’s meetings with network executives matters. Trump also canceled a meeting with The New York Times Tuesday. [Michael Calderone, HuffPost]

SENIOR CAMPAIGN OFFICIALS: ‘CLINTON MASTERED THE SCIENCE OF POLITICS BUT FORGOT THE ART’ “Officials who worked in various battleground states say the campaign erred in its belief that modern technology could fully replace traditional pavement-pounding, that [Hillary] Clinton didn’t need to score major victories with on-the-fence voters if she could turn out the committed.” [Sam Stein, HuffPost]

LAST CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IN ALEPPO HIT BY AIRSTRIKES Heartbreaking footage has emerged of hospital staff evacuating premature babies as the Syrian hospital falls under fire. [Sara Nelson, HuffPost]

FORMER USA GYMNASTICS DOCTOR ARRESTED Dr. Larry Nassar has been charged with the sexual assault of minors. [CNN]

KANYE WEST HOSPITALIZED IN LA After police executed a medical welfare check. [Stephanie Marcus, HuffPost]


HAPPY TUESDAY You have to watch these guys break the world record for the longest basketball shot ― almost 594 feet. They’re just so darn happy about it, it’s adorable. [HuffPost

AS YOUR BARACK OBAMA NOSTALGIA KICKS INTO OVERDRIVE Netflix dropped its first full trailer for “Barry,” which looks at the future president’s junior year at Columbia. [HuffPost]


‘AFFLUENZA ANONYMOUS’ “What do you do if you’re a young, rich screw-up who wants to help other young, rich screw-ups? Ask Dad to buy you a rehab.” [Bloomberg]

JENNIFER LAWRENCE TALKS AMY SCHUMER, PRIVACY AND HER DOG Which of course she has a painting of. [HuffPost]

‘CAN HYPOTHERMIA SAVE GUNSHOT VICTIMS?’ “Some kid comes in with cardiac arrest from a fixable injury — an easily fixable injury — and you open them up in the T.R.U. and they kind of come back, and then they die. And then you get to go tell their mom that they are not coming home, when all we needed was a few more minutes.” [The New Yorker


~ Instagram just effectively combined Facebook Live with Snap stories.

~ We’re with Vulture ― the trailer for “Cars 3” is too much to handle right now.

~ John Oliver talked about the privilege inherent in saying “everyone is going to be OK.”

~ How to keep yourself safe from identity theft on Black Friday.

~ The secret behind Estee Lauder’s continued success.

~ Break out the tissues for Apple’s Frankenstein holidays commercial.

~ All the Netflix binges you can count on once we hit December.

~ In case you need assistance, here’s how to eat as much as possible Thursday for Thanksgiving.

~ Why “The Bubble” skit on “SNL” was a must-watch skewering of the progressive elite.

~ This man spoke out against squirrels. Then one crashed his bicycle.


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