Tuesday's Morning Email: Trump Wishes He Had Romney's 2012 Polling Numbers Right Now

And we know how that one ended.


DONALD TRUMP WISHES HE HAD MITT ROMNEY’S 2012 POLL NUMBERS RIGHT NOW We know how that one ended. And another poll taken after the leaked video but before Sunday’s debate gives Hillary Clinton a double-digit national lead. [Ariel Edwards-Levy, HuffPost]

PAUL RYAN WON’T DEFEND TRUMP ANYMORE The Speaker of the House said he wouldn’t unendorse the GOP candidate; he would just befocusing on House races. Trump responded ― in tweet form. The RNC announced it’s standing behind the candidate, and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence went on the offensive to campaign for TrumpMonday. Check out where Republicans in tight races stand on Trump. And here’s a brief history of Ryan’s dance of death with Trump. [Matt Fuller, HuffPost]

ISIS MEDIA RECRUITMENT DROPS “The vaunted propaganda operations of the Islamic State, which helped lure more than 30,000 foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq, have dropped off drastically as the extremist group has come under military pressure, according to a study by terrorism researchers at West Point.” [NYT]

THOUGHT YOU MADE PARTNER AND WERE SAFE? Think again. Here’s the new reality of business at the country’s top law firms. [WSJ | Paywall]

THE FAILURES OF THE ‘CLEAN AIR ACT’ “Researchers, former EPA officials, state regulators and others interviewed by the Center said it’s impossible for states to maintain vigorous enforcement amid significant cutbacks.” [Center for Public Integrity]

SUPER PAC DONATIONS AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE The time to donate is these last weeks of the campaign. [Paul Blumenthal, HuffPost]

IF YOU LIVE IN THESE STATES, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE So you should get on that if you live in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. [Adam Hamze, HuffPost]


AN ODE TO THE PLASTIC PIECE SAVING YOUR PIZZA That little three-pronged plastic thing-a-ma-bob is saving your pizza’s cheese from the tragedy of getting stuck to the roof of the box. [HuffPost]

SHIA LEBEOUF REPORTEDLY JUST GOT MARRIED ON A TMZ LIVE STREAM IN A CHAPEL IN VEGAS Yeah, we don’t believe this is for real either. [HuffPost]

IF YOU LIKE TO HAVE NIGHTMARES Then watch this trailer of Morgan Spurlock’s horror documentary “Rats” and try to sleep after imagining all of the rodents scampering around. [Vulture]

NAH DISNEY It’s not a good idea to cast a white guy to play Shang in the live-action “Mulan.” Straight nah. [Vulture]

BUT THE LIVE-ACTION ALADDIN IS GREAT NEWS So when is the live-action “Pocahontas?” [Variety]

CONGRATS TO BACHELOR ALUM NIKKI FERRELL Who finally found love and got married over the weekend. We’re in love with the photos of”Bachelorette” alum Andi Dorfman as a bridesmaid at Ferrell’s wedding. [People]


~ The Galaxy Note 7 has been officially scrapped.

~ Warren Buffett rejected everything Trump said about him at the debate.

~ Shailene Woodley was arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

~ The Cavs apparently let their locker room get so messy LeBron picked it up. Bet that’s the last time that happens.

~ One of Kim Kardashian’s stolen necklaces showed up on a Paris sidewalk.

~ It doesn’t look like Billy Bush is ever going to be asked back to “Today.”

~ The Theranos nightmare just got worse: Investors have started suing.

~ So this whole “going to Mars” thing is realer than you thought.

~ We hate ourselves for looking at the first image of “EmojiMovie: Express Yourself.”

~ Meet the new editor-in-chief of The Atlantic.

~ We are all Kenneth Bone, the man from the second presidential debatewho wore a sweater because he ripped his suit before the debate. We get you, Kenneth. We’ve been there.

~ And happy Tuesday (yes, it’s only Tuesday) ― here’s a polar bear rolling around in a kiddie pool of ice.


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