Tufts Sex Rule: Tufts University Formalizes "Sexile" Rule; No Dorm Sex When Roommate Present (VIDEO)

Tufts University has formalized what for many was probably an unspoken rule: no sex when a roommate is present.

"Sexile," as the practice is commonly referred to, happens when one roommate asks another roommate to leave so that one may engage in sexual conduct.

The Massachusetts university added the new rule to their 2009-2010 handbook for students living in on on-campus housing:

"You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room. Any sexual activity within your assigned room should not ever deprive your roommate(s)
of privacy, study, or sleep time."

What happens if residents violate the rule?

If residents fail to comply with the above stated policy and expectations, their
actions will be properly documented and subject to residential judicial conse-
quences. Any flagrant violation of the above policies will result in immediate loss
of guest privileges for a specified time period at the discretion of the Assistant
Director for Community and Judicial Affairs in the Office of Residential Life and

The Boston Globe interviewed a few students about the rule. One called it unenforceable:

Senior political science major Rick Zeckendorff scoffed at the provision.

"It sounded pretty ridiculous to me the first time that I heard about it," he said. "Because it's unenforceable. People in those situations aren't thinking in terms of the law or school regulations."

To their credit, the Tufts students interviewed by a Massachusetts NBC afiliate seemed to take the matter seriously.

Watch the news report: