20 Reasons Tulsa Is Actually A Happening City

Don't miss the best of the best in good ol' T-Town.

Don't believe what's said about cities in fly-over states. Tulsa, Oklahoma has got it goin' on.

With its vibrant food culture, ever-growing art scene and rich history, the oil capitol is bursting at the seams. This makes it the perfect place to visit for a quick vacay, food crawl or shopping spree. Plus, the people couldn't be nicer, which puts the cherry on top of this up-and-coming destination.

Below, check out 20 reasons to head to the spirited city nestled in the northeast corner of the Sooner State.

1. Dance the night away at Cain's Ballroom, downtown Tulsa's intimate concert hall.

2. Catch an independent flick at Circle Cinema.

3. Get zen at a rooftop yoga class courtesy of The Yoga Room.

4. Sip coffee at one of the city's many cozy local coffee shops like The Coffee House on Cherry Street, Shades of Brown, The Phoenix and Hoot Owl.

5. Spend an afternoon relaxing on Guthrie Green, and make sure to stop by a food truck if you're hungry.

6. Enjoy a cheese board and a cocktail at the sophisticated lounge Hodges Bend.

Kelbert McFarland
Kelbert McFarland

7. Ride in the Tulsa Tough cycling festival (or simply cheer on a friend).

8. Grab a slice of carrot cake at Queenie's Cafe & Bakery.

9. Head to Chimera Cafe for a cappuccino, light fare and the perfect atmosphere to start a new read.

10. Relax in the plush movie theatre seats at The Warren, Broken Arrow's old Hollywood-style dinner theatre.

11. Shop the stylish boutiques of Brookside, like Edit., Black Optical, Abersons and SR Hughes, just to name a few.


12. Show your artistic side and paint your own pottery at Purple Glaze Studios.

13. Browse the unparalleled comical card and knickknack selection at Utica Square's quirky boutique The Snow Goose.

14. Marvel at the historic art deco buildings that populate the city's downtown district.

15. Catch a gallery tour of Gilcrease Museum, the world's largest museum of art and artifacts from the American West.

16. Munch on some good home cookin' at Elmer's BBQ.

17. Attend a performance by the Tulsa Ballet, one of the nation's top ballet companies.

18. Grab dinner at the rustic Tallgrass Prairie Table. In the area for breakfast instead? Mosey next door to the newly-opened Bramble Bar for a quick bite.

Tallgrass Prairie Table
Valerie Grant
Valerie Grant

19. Strike out at the Dust Bowl retro bowling alley.

20. Visit Philbrook Museum for good food and even better art. Make sure you stop in the garden for a photo op you'll never forget.

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