Tumblr Pro Is An April Fools' Joke Everyone Will Know You Fell For

Sure some people are good at Tumblr, but are they Pro status?

On Tuesday, Tumblr released a video to advertise its latest “big idea” version of the website -- one designed for the most innovative and creative thinkers on the popular blogging website. The only thing is, well, it’s completely fake.

That’s right, it’s April Fools' Day, and even Yahoo-owned Tumblr got in on the fun.

It all started in the form of an upgrade button on the side of users' dashboards. Those who click on the button are directed to the horribly nonsensical and vague video for "Tumblr Pro." Once it finishes playing, users are given this message:

Here at Tumblr, we believe the sky’s the limit. We believe to achieve – all the way. Whether you’re livin’ it up, livin’ young, or headed straight for the top, nothing says Tumblr like high times. Take the next step with us. Built it. Go one step further.

tumblr pro

So, what happens when someone opts to join Tumblr Pro? His or her avatar gets a funny little top hat.

Yes, in one of the most elaborate yet subtle online April Fools' Day pranks, Tumblr has decided not only to play a joke on its users but to mark each person who fell for its prank with a fancy image over their profile picture.

Well played, Tumblr. Happy April Fools' Day.