Tumblr 'Of Sparrows' Creates GIFs That Will Transport You To Another World

These Enchanting GIFs Will Transport You To Another World

Can we please live in this woman's imagination forever?

An artist in Japan has drawn and brought to life a collection of warm, meditative scenes that perfectly complement the arrival of spring. The artist, who wishes to go by A. Sparrow, posts the art on her Tumblr page, Of Sparrows, after spending anywhere from 15 to 30 hours on a single GIF, she told The Huffington Post.

"I started doodling in the margins of texts and forgot to stop and the doodles got bigger and bigger and now they’ve taken over my life and I don’t do anything but doodle," Sparrow told HuffPost in an email. "I’m waiting for the point at which they gain sentience and start complaining about how badly I am drawing them."

Sparrow said she takes inspiration from everything around her, then gets to work meticulously drawing and animating her art.

"I do thumbnail sketches, then the background, followed by all the different bits of the drawing that need to be animated on separate layers," she told HuffPost.

When asked how she's able to make her GIFs so fluid, Sparrow said it helps to have fewer frames.

"I’m more impressed at those Tumblr GIF blogs that manage to convert video footage into beautiful high-quality GIFs," she said. "That’s actual proper sorcery right there."

Check out the full collection on the artist's Tumblr page.

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