Tumblr TV Shows: Hollywood Assistants, F---! I'm In My Twenties Land Scripts

Tumblr Is The New Twitter: Two Blogs Land TV Shows

Tumblr is the new Twitter, at least when it comes to TV networks mining for new shows.

According to EW, the Tumblr blog Hollywood Assistants is being adapted into a CBS sitcom. Titled "20-Nothings," the series is loosely based on the blog about working as a Hollywood assistant. It covers office life, personal life, etc. all done with GIFs. The script for the series follows five friends supporting each other as they try to make it in the world.

Then there's "F---! I'm In My Twenties" in development at NBC. According to Deadline.com, the blog-turned-book-turned-TV show follows a young woman in her 20s trying to navigate life in a big city. The blog isn't exclusively GIF-based; it features hand drawings by Emma Koenig.

TV has been looking to the Internet since the boom of social media. CBS famously adapted a popular Twitter account into "$#*! My Dad Says," a sitcom starring William Shatner that didn't make it past one season. Popular Twitter user Kelly Oxford landed a deal with NBC in December 2011 after previously selling a script to CBS. Neither show came to fruition.

For more on "F--! I'm In My Twenties," click over to Deadline.com and for more on Hollywood Assistants, click over to EW.

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