Tuna Tortilla at Momoya


I recently had the pleasure to sample this beautifully colorful and delicious cool summer treat at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in NYC, Momoya -- located on the corner of 21st street and 7th Avenue. This stunning tuna tortilla came as a round 6 piece appetizer and I was half way through eating it before I realized how worthy of note it was.

Simple to make and oh so easy to eat, this elegant snack is all about the freshness of ingredients. The base is a crispy toasted 6 inch flour tortilla spread with a delicate layer of wasabi mayonnaise. It is completely topped with sliver thin pieces of sushi grade bluefin tuna and artfully garnished with pretty micro greens, peppery tasting nasturtium flower petals and crunchy radish sprouts. It is perfect accompanied by a glass of chilled premium fruity, medium dry sake.

Have fun creating your own versions of this theme. Variations can only be limited by your imagination.

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