How To Make Tuna Salad Without Mayonnaise. Because Yes, You Can.

Skip the mayo and try something healthier and more delicious.

Nothing will ever replace the classic tuna sandwiches we ate as kids. Our tuna was served on white bread, bound together with a couple knifefuls of mayonnaise, and we ate them happily while sitting at the kitchen counter, with our legs swinging, too short to touch the floor.

But as we've matured, so have our lunches and outlook on nutrition. There's nothing wrong with eating this time-honored sandwich every now and again, but there are so many delicious, healthful ways to transform a can of tuna fish into something more gourmet. Mayo's main responsibilities are to bind the tuna fish while adding a creamy texture and a subtle flavor. These nine substitutions below get the job done, and then some. Check out these delicious, wholesome twists and you might not ever go back to the kid stuff.

The Healthy Maven
Avocado and tuna make a really nice team -- and a wonderfully nutritious meal. The creamy avocado supplies the healthy fats while tuna covers the protein. To make this in its simplest form, combine a can of tuna with half an avocado and stir. Add a squeeze of lemon juice for good measure. This is your base. There are endless ways to jazz this up -- think red onions, celery or sun-dried tomatoes.

Get the Avocado Tuna Salad recipe by The Healthy Maven
Greek Yogurt
Delicious In A Dash
The addition of plain Greek yogurt makes this sandwich a protein powerhouse. Seriously, it's a favorite among protein-loving body builders. The yogurt adds a nice sharpness while making the salad creamy, just like mayo would.

Get the Curried Apple Tuna Salad recipe by Delicious In A Dash
Cottage Cheese
Hungry Healthy Girl
Before people were obsessed with Greek yogurt, they were obsessed with cottage cheese -- and for similar reasons. The staple boasts a ton of protein and a nice amount of calcium. It'll add a new texture to the classic lunchtime sandwich, while keeping you full until dinner.

Get the Tuna And Cottage Cheese Salad recipe by Hungry Healthy Girl
Eating Bird Food
Everybody's favorite chip dip has another talent: It binds canned tuna, making sandwiches perfectly portable, while boosting its nutrition stats.

Get the Barbecue And Hummus Tuna Salad recipe by Eating Bird Food
Barbecue Sauce
Meals and Miles
Don't knock it 'til you try it. Some claim this trick makes tuna taste just like pulled pork -- or the pulled pork of the sea, if you will. Barbecue sauce adds a ton of flavor and binding, without adding many calories.

Get the BBQ Tuna recipe by Meals and Miles
White Beans
Spache The Spatula
Cannellini beans (also known as white beans) are incredibly creamy, subtle and delicious, which make them the perfect addition to a simple can of tuna fish. This pairing is tasty on its own, but can be taken to new heights with a couple of red onions and tomatoes.

Get the Tuscan Tuna And White Bean Sandwich recipe by Spache The Spatula
Cheese Wedge
Green Lite Bites
This rendition of the tuna melt is smart and easy, and it tends to be healthier than traditional tuna melts. Just soften and mix in your favorite cheese wedge, like the kind from The Laughing Cow, and lunch is served.

Get the French Onion Laughing Cow Tuna Salad recipe by Green Lite Bites
Sarcastic Cooking
Tzatziki, if you're not familiar, is a light yogurt sauce typically made with cucumbers, lemon juice and garlic. It's got an ideal tang for tuna.

Get the Light Tzatziki Tuna Salad recipe by Sarcastic Cooking
The DIY Food Guy
Mayo's grittier, more flavorful counterpart should not be overlooked when it comes to tuna. Mustard does the same binding job as mayo, without the extra fat and calories. Plus, if you like, it can add an extra kick.

Get the French Monster Tuna Melt recipe by The DIY Food Guy

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