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Turban Tying Contest Unites Canadian Sikhs

Turban Tying Contest Unites Canadian Sikhs

About 75 competitors recently participated in a turban tying contest in British Columbia, Canada, to celebrate their sacred headwear, AFP reports.

Ravi Sharma, competing in the 31-45 years old category, said he can tie six different styles.

"A good turban is all about practice, neatness and experience....The cloth measures about five to six meters and it should never hit the ground (out of respect for what it represents). The judges are looking at speed, neatness of the turban and if the hair is covered. It takes me about six or seven minutes."

But the Sikhs' turban-tying skills are waning, especially among the youth.

Raghbir Bhinder explained, "They respect (the turban), but they are sorry they can't do it. Young kids nowadays are more interested in shaving their head."

The competition was watched by 2,000 people. Approximately 250,000 South Asians live in British Columbia.

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