The Turducken Of Donuts Will Put An End To Everyone's New Year's Resolution

Let us introduce you to the turkducken of donuts.

The mention of a Thanksgiving turducken -- you know, the turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken -- will get mixed responses. Generally, avid carnivores are all for it; vegetarians are rightfully disgusted. But we've recently come across another type of turducken that we think everyone will be on board with: a donut turducken.

There's no poultry of any kind to be found in this donut creation. The name was bestowed upon this breakfast pastry because it uses the same philosophy of the more traditional turducken: stuffing delicious things into already delicious things. It was made in the test kitchen of CHOW and we can't stop thinking about it.

Consider how great chocolate frosted donuts are. Then top that with sprinkles and fill it with custard. The donut turducken takes this already truly stellar donut and stuffs it with an entire fried apple fritter. Amazing, we know. Take a closer look at this magnificent thing.

Photo credit: Chris Rochelle |

Sadly, you cannot buy this creation anywhere -- it must be made. We think it's the perfect reason to try your hand at homemade donuts, but if that's not in the cards for you a store-bought donut and fritter would work just as well.

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