Turkey Attacks U.S. Postal Service Mail Truck In Cape Cod (VIDEO)

It's not just humans who have problems with the postal service. In this "Today Show" video, a turkey in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is so angry at a postal service truck that he chases the truck down the road, running at up to 25 mph. While running, he repeatedly slams his body into the truck, in a scene that could make quite the animal action film. As one Today Show news anchor exclaims, "I'd skip that street on my route!"

This isn't the first time that a bird has threatened a postal worker. A hawk in Calgary, Canada harassed a postal worker so much that the employee was forced to wear a helmet. And then the hawk broke the helmet.

By the early 20th century, hunting had actually wiped out most wild turkeys in the US. Reintroduction programs began in the 1940s, and the efforts have been successful, according to National Geographic. Maybe the next program should involve teaching turkeys to not attack postal workers. Although perhaps the turkeys just take issue with the postal service's bald eagle emblem.

WATCH the turkey attack the truck: