Turkey With a Side of Tranquilizer Dressing

It’s that time of year again where friends and family gather to eat, celebrate, love on one another or take a Xanax, get drunk and fight. Or something in between.

The holidays either bring out the best in people or the worst. Togetherness doesn’t always equal good times and it can be very challenging for many. This year with the transition of our government and leadership coupled with polar opposite views among people including family members I am thinking a little something special in the dressing might be a good idea. Of course I am just kidding about the secret ingredient in the stuffing and I don’t recommend a Bill Cosby move in the apple cider either. But the struggle could be very real.

Instead how about avoidance of all conversations related to the orange man and his people (even if he does coordinate with the colors of our table centerpieces). This will be the safer bet if there is any desire to have a Thanksgiving to remember with happy thoughts and moments. Even if your friends and family who gather together are all on the same page, avoiding this topic and focusing on what we have in our lives to be grateful for will most certainly make for a more peaceful time together.

We could all chose to turn our minds off from the future, from the news, from the hate and pain for one day while we focus on the blessing of the moment and gratitude. Instead of having heated discussions around the turkey how about setting a ground rule that there will be no talk of anything that is not positive. Make a sign for the front door “Today Is A Day We Will All Be Kind, Grateful and Speak ONLY of Positive Things”. Fair warning that if anyone breaks the rule their mouth will be duct taped shut OR they will be escorted out the door. In either case they will not be eating so there would be no pointing in showing up.

If only for one day can we find a place in our heart to avoid the negativity so we may truly be able to remember 2016 Turkey Day as a real day of Thanksgiving? If we can do it for one day, we can do it for more. No I am not suggesting that we remain silent for the next four years although half of our country would think that would be awesome from the other half. No. I am advocating for peace and love.

Let us all agree that on this Thanksgiving Day we will do our best to avoid conflict with those whom we choose to spend the day. Share love, share gratitude, share friendships, share family time but seriously don’t share your Xanax, that’s illegal and unsafe.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016, make it a positive day to remember. Today I am grateful I picked up an extra holiday work shift and that I wasn’t actually invited to family dinner.

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