Turkish Airlines Is Going to School

The latest high rise marketing move by Turkish Airlines, one of the world's fastest-growing carriers, is just awesome. Sponsoring a blockbuster movie like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is incredible and announcing fictitious cities as destination is superb. Besides creating an illusion of flying into Gotham like Batman and into Metropolis like Superman is creative.


Turkish Airlines commercial, the one first shown in the Super Bowl, is also fascinating. It seems their creative agency and advertising agency have done a great job. Dedicating an astronomic budget, the company uses vast marketing mix to communicate this giant sponsorship. All TV channels, billboards, newspapers, magazines, websites and social media are in the scope but somehow they happened to decide not to include their own corporate web site in this strategy. Even though they put older commercials in the corporate website, there's not one single word about this latest sponsorship.

Anyway, this was not the point that I intent to write. What caught my eyes about this commercial is the slogan: FlyToGotham and FlyToMetropolis. They also use this slogan on social media channels with hastags like #flytogotham and #flytometropolis.

So what's wrong with this slogan? Grammatically nothing. I'm sure Turkish Airlines team double checked every single term with native speaker copy editors. And it is rock solid correct as "I'm going to school." But this is not a new generation language at all. I would say #FlyGotham and #FlyMetropolis instead.

Newspapers omit adverbs, prepositions and words in headlines, youth omit as much as possible while texting and has created a new language on social media. Only school kids duly write down things in order.

World is changing, so the words. Why stick with old rules in a new world? Why insist on factual norms in a fictitious world?