17 Amazing Activities To Enjoy While Hungover

Who said hangovers can't be oodles of fun?!

 1. Go to the DMV.

2. Take the SATs. Again.

You know, for fun.

3. Get a head start on sorting through your taxes.

4. Blast the entire "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack.

5. Vacuum.

6. Stare directly at the sun.

7. Wax your butthole.

8. Call your ex.

"Hi Satan, how's it going?"


9. Knit.

10. Rip some shots.

After all, vodka is just happy water.

11. Inhale an entire tub of mayonnaise.

12. Attend a Zumba class.

13. Shave your head.

 14. Drive across the country.

15. Run a marathon.

Or crawl. It's whatever.


16. Eat anchovies.

17. Go clubbing.

Strobe lights are double the fun when hungover!

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