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Turn On Your Happiness Antenna

We've all heard that happiness is contagious. If you want to experience, transmit and receive more of what life has to offer, here are some easy ways to turn on your happiness antenna.
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Whether we realize it or not, we are broadcasting messages every moment of every day -- and they matter! The kind of message we send out influences the kind of response we receive. We've all heard that happiness is contagious and anger begets anger. If you want to experience, transmit and receive more of what life has to offer, here are some easy ways to turn on your happiness antenna.

Raise Your Frequency: An antenna is a conductor that is tuned to the frequency you want to transmit or receive. What if you could develop practices that not only raised your frequency, but also increased its range of influence? Choosing to cultivate happiness, which automatically raises your frequency, is the most important step a person can take.

Find a Happiness Buddy: Once you have decided to operate at the frequency of happiness, find someone who shares that desire -- your happiness buddy. When things get challenging (and that is the nature of life) it's great to have someone to coach, cajole or remind you of how great you are -- even for embarking on this journey. Having a buddy keeps both of you on track and accelerates progress (whether it's in exercise, losing weight or reaching milestones in your business plan.) The more you and your buddy practice choosing happiness, the more it becomes ingrained in your neural pathways.

Stop Worrying and Go to Gratitude: What has worrying about a situation ever changed its outcome? Never! So, when apprehension rears its ugly head, laugh in its face and see it for the trickster it is. There is a simple antidote to worry, and that is gratitude. At the first sign of worry, list off and recreate in your mind three things that you are grateful for in your life. It will curb the worry monster and put you in a much better mood. I used to worry a lot. Replacing worry with gratitude has made a HUGE difference.

The Power of Perspective: How many people do you know who go through life like automatons? There is great power, presence and aliveness in noticing the present moment and how you are feeling right now. By becoming the "watcher" of your emotions, rather than the brunt of them, you can decide, even in tough situations, the perspective you choose to adopt/transmit. Imagine in an argument being able to say, "Wow -- I can see that tone of voice really pushes my buttons. I'll take a few deep breaths before I respond." While you can't control other peoples' actions, by noticing their effect on you, you can definitely control how you handle the situation.

Celebrate the Little Things: At the end of this life, chances are that you will not be ruminating upon the careers, degrees or amount of money in your bank account. You'll be remembering the cherished memories and the relationships that made those possible. Every day is a new chance to notice, honor and savor the little things in life: an amazing conversation, the beauty of nature, a chocolate cake that took you over the edge, or the smile of a child. The more you notice the reasons to celebrate, the more they will show up in your life.

Transmit Your Happiness to Others: When a pebble is thrown into a clam lake, you'll see waves go out in all directions. When you are in antenna mode transmitting waves of happiness, these ripple out and influence others more than you know. Think of yourself as a catalyst of positivity for those around you.

What thoughts and actions are you sending out? By broadcasting messages of happiness, love and appreciation, be prepared to receive the same.

Randy Taran is the founder of the non-profit, Project Happiness, and co-author with Maria Lineger of the Project Happiness Handbook. Catch Randy and get updates on her vision for a world happiness (r)evolution via Twitter @randytaran and the Facebook Project Happiness group. Don't forget to sign up for the free nifty Project Happiness Newsletter. B Happy 2.