6 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Boudoir

Are you stuck in the same old, same old routine in your bedroom? Maybe part of the problem is the bedroom itself. Here are six easy ways you can spruce up your bedroom, making it sexier and more inviting for a little intimacy.

Soften your lighting: I'm not getting any younger. And sometimes I don't want my almost 50-year-old body on display under a 75 watt bulb. But I also don't want to do it in the pitch black. So I installed a dimmer switch on my bedroom chandelier. Easy to do.

Paint the walls: According to a recent study, the "sexiest" bedroom color is purple. Followed closely by red. My walls are currently a soft grey and this color has a soothing effect on me. I'm more relaxed so more open to getting it on. Sometimes, all you need is the act of changing your surroundings.

Change your sheets: Spring for sheets that give you a little bit of an aaah feeling when you slide in to bed. Silk sheets definitely work but a high thread count cotton can be silky to the touch as well. Just stay away from the polyester. Nothing sexy about that.

Put up some pictures: Blow up some pictures from one of your romantic vacations, pop them in frames and hang them on your walls. Happy memories make for a happy bedroom. And I know you love your kids but their pictures don't need to be on your nightstand, watching you get it on.

Clean up the clutter: That stuff that's been sitting on top of your dresser for the last three months? Move it, put it away or throw it out. Bedrooms should be shrines to minimalism.

Dress the part: You should go to bed in something that is comfortable yet attractive. No more ratty old t-shirts whose origins are suspect. (Ex-boyfriend, maybe?) A soft nightgown or cute boxer and tank combo would fit the bill just fine. Better yet? Sleep in the nude!

How do you spice up your bedroom?

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