Turnabout Veterans Day

"Thank you for your service."

"Thank you for your support."

We live in a special country that cares so much about veterans and we appreciate that support.

However, in the military, we are taught the idea of "mission-focus" and "achieving the objective." I would submit that Veterans Day could do so much more by military standards. As a whole, it could work harder to "get us on the objective" of veterans living fulfilling lives and making a profound difference in our country.

We have a real issue in America on the narrative around military veterans. Here are some ways that you may be able to address that through your Veterans Day activities.

Veteran Spotlight
What if Veterans Day was not just a chance to honor the service of veterans, but included giving veterans the stage to tell the real veterans' story?

I know hundreds of veterans that are making a profound impact every day for corporations and communities. They take on the tasks that others said could not be done. They never quit. They win. They run states, corporations. They also are helping the quiet child that society has written off -- they give that child hope.

All of these are worthy of the spotlight of Veterans Day to celebrate these achievements and set the example for the next generation of veterans to uphold. Consider the impact of celebrating the military service of veterans by lionizing what they've done for our country since serving -- then you will start to see the real picture.

Veteran Service Day
What if Veterans Day was a day where veterans served others in our community? We are used to "service before self. " We are willing to put the needs of other's before our own. That's one dimension that makes veterans so valuable to our communities.

But, how could we show that?

Veterans: Get out and help others. I recently heard Army veteran JR Martinez speak about how he inspired through service. While still recovering from his wounds, he was out serving others -- what a powerful example.

Let's use Veterans Day to remind America of our talents, experience, what we are capable of, and show (not through words, but actions) how we make America better.