70 Tidbits Of Wisdom As I Inch Toward Turning 70


The longer I live, the more I realize that a life is always "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" so it's important to engage in the following:

1. Ask

2. Ponder

3. Dare

4. Dream

5. Imagine

6. Leap

7. Wonder

8. Listen

9. Pray

10. Breathe

11. Hug

12. Travel

13. Celebrate

14. Vote

15. Treat yourself to Sharpies in every color

16. Vary your routes

17. Walk backwards

18. Buy a bright green bike

19. Read in a new genre

20. Find every opportunity to say "I Love You"

21. Trust your intuition

22. Forgive your friends

23. Binge watch at will

24. Hand out cans of V8 Juice to the homeless

25. Tip generously

26. Push past fear's twinges

27. Tune in to TED Talks

28. Do more than you think you are capable of

29. Perfect the art of empathy

30. Don't forget to hug yourself

31. Support NPR

32. When in doubt how to respond, smile

33. Drop I can't, you shouldn't and but from your vocabulary

34. Pretend things are better than they are

35. It's trite, but each night when you crawl into bed, review the day and make note of three things you are grateful for

36. Break a disagreeable or daunting task into a series of smaller steps and tackle the easiest first

37. Throw an obit writing party and craft your own unique obit with input from your close friends

38. Re-read a favorite book or re-watch a favorite movie and note how your perspective has changed

39. Save the newspaper from the day each grandchild is born

40. Buy a bunch of Mason's jars and fill with fresh flowers

41. Buy local -- think global

42. Assume your adult kids love you even when they don't return phone calls or texts

43. Tweet, don't kvetch

44. Become the family story teller -- entice your grandkids with stories of your triumphs and your challenges and tell them what is important to you and why

45. Savor your first morning cup of coffee

46. Practice moderation

47. Banish coping -- live to soar

48. Carry yourself as if you've already lost those last five pounds

49. Be an ambassador of connection

50. Don't bend to others' expectations

51. Tune out distractions

52. Pick the two things that if achieved will bring about the greatest good in your life and concentrate solely on those

53. Utilize your talents and resources to be the best you can be

54. Lose the regret

55. Harness your power

56. March resolutely forward

57. Take a ride

58. Keep re-arranging your furniture

59. Stay hydrated; stay curious

60. Craft a personal mission statement

61. Write an ethical will

62. Hold yourself and others accountable

63. Get a good night of sleep

64. Read "Modern Love" every Sunday in the New York Times

65. Try doing Crypto quips

66. Write a personal note of condolence, sharing a story of the departed loved one

67. Balance on each foot two minutes a day while looking out the window at the trees

68. As President Bill Clinton noted: we have more yesterdays behind us than days ahead, so use those days wisely

69. Whiten your teeth

70. Encourage three friends to sign up for my weekly newsletter

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