Turning A Suburban Yard Into An Organic Farm (VIDEO)

In this video, KVIE profiles Jules Dervaes, a man who has turned his small suburban yard into a profitable organic farm. Dervaes says what started out as a hobby became serious for him with the advent of genetically modified foods and rising food prices.

With the help of his family, they now produce over 6,000 pounds of food annually on their 1/10-acre land, though their goal is to hit 10,000 pounds. The 350 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables grown not only sustain the Dervaes family, but the large surplus is sold to local restaurants and catering companies.

Setting an example as to what's possible in city farming and sustainability, the Dervaes family even makes their own bio-fuel for their minimal vehicle usage.

WATCH how a backyard lot became a farm:

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