Turning Into Gods (or the Marriage of Science and Art)

People often talk about a bleak future for the planet and for humanity. What they fail to consider is the far-reaching potential of human ingenuity and creativity, as well as the implications of exponential growth in technology.

Technology is the means by which we have decommissioned natural selection and are seizing control. We are no longer to be victims of some blind evolutionary process where sentient beings are massacred by entropy.

Alan Harrington wrote in The Immortalist: "we must never forget we are cosmic revolutionaries, not stooges conscripted to advance a natural order that kills everybody." His defiant manifesto against human mortality is as brilliant and biting as they come. Moreover, his prophetic words echo today when you hear people like physicist Freeman Dyson proclaim: "In the future a new generation of artists will write genomes with the fluency that Blake and Byron wrote verses."

These ideas turn me on; they remind me that everything is possible. For this reason I'm on a mission to inspire the planet.

The following concept teaser establishes the look and feel of a new documentary film project celebrating those mavericks and techno-optimists who challenge us to conceive of a world that just might be. We will look to visionaries like Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey and others to wax philosophical about what's next in this mind-bending journey exploring limitless human ecstasy.

Enter humanity 2.0. Stay tuned.