Turning Your Life On Its Head While Remaining Centered

<em>My crooked headstand on Manhattan Beach. </em>
My crooked headstand on Manhattan Beach.

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? You want to turn your life on its head whilst remaining centered. It’s quite possible though, so long as you’re good at balancing. On your head. During stormy weather.

What’s possible isn’t always easy, but then, what’s easy isn’t always desirable. The thing with desire is that unless you have a look at it with a magnifying glass, you don’t always realize that what you want is not what you want and what you don’t want is what you want. Because what you want is often outside your comfort zone.

Personally I’m turning a few things on their head this year.

For starters I’m breaking things down into chunks. You see, I’m a great conceptualizer and catalyst - I love developing solutions to big problems. I will take into consideration anything and everything, debate it from every angle, and then create a plan where everything fits together like the pieces of a puzzle to create a wholesome solution. Which is great if I can then hand it over to someone else to carry out and simply manage them. The issue comes when I need to do it all myself, because I can’t. The kind of solutions I come up with need far more than just me to be carried out.

For example, if I think a new city is needed, I design the city. I don’t just design the one house, because I know more is needed. I mean who knows if it is best to build the hospital, or the police station first? Isn’t it better to perfect the plan till the point where you raise funds for everything? And get the experts on board that are needed to create the city?

Now, you can imagine what my life looks like - I like big problems, so I take on big projects, from the not-for-profit I’m involved with and the township kids I’m raising, to the business I am launching. People tell me my life is so cool because I fearlessly jump onto these kinds of projects, but to be frank it’s also a bit of a disaster. I’ve wasted a lot of time creating plans for ships that are way too big for me to build on my own. I need to start with the dinghies. I just don’t find them particularly sexy.

If you don’t find something sexy, you avoid it right?! It doesn’t appeal to you. Yet, if you look at my life at the moment, I’ve been working like a maniac to create the end solutions (drawing and building the big ships), but I’m not there yet. So instead of sailing the small unsexy dinghies, I’m not sailing at all - I’m stuck with drawing plans and trying to build things on my own that are way to big for me to build. And it’s not making me one bit happy.

Your strengths, great as they may be, sometimes also work against you, just as your desires, great as they may be, don’t always speak the truth. Some people work for the wrong end goals (desires, or logically desirable goals), others use the wrong tactics (also driven by desire, or so-called logic) to get there. If you look at your life and ask yourself what’s working and what’s not working you’ll find the areas where you are operating in ways that serve you and in ways that don’t serve you.

When you decide to change an area in your life it’s hard to remain centered, because it doesn’t necessarily feel great to create the change. You’re operating outside of your normal operating zone. Change can be very unsettling. It doesn’t have to though, because somewhere deep inside you know the truth. You know exactly what to do. You have the wisdom to carry out the change needed. Once you enter that state of mind instead of thinking about how uncomfortable you feel, you’ll find your inner balance again. Even in the midst of all the chaos.

We’re all complete human beings even if we’re sometimes operating in ways that aren’t beneficial for us, or those around us. Owing up to flaws doesn’t mean you’re incomplete - it simply means you’re changing the place you’re operating from. Most of us operate from our childhood experiences, and so-called logic, instead of from our heart. This year I want to start operating more from my heart, even if it means doing headstands in the storm, don’t you?

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