Turns Out The Members Of K-Pop Band BTS Are Huge Fans Of 'A Star Is Born'

The band even sang a snippet of "Shallow" before appearing on "Saturday Night Live."

Sometimes celebrities really are just like us. 

K-pop band BTS stopped by SiriusXM’s “Morning Mashup” on Friday ahead of their performance debut on “Saturday Night Live” and revealed that the band members are huge fans of 2018′s “A Star Is Born.” The group yelled in excitement as the movie came up in conversation. 

They even sang a snippet of the now-iconic song “Shallow.”  

Same, BTS. Same. 

As with pretty much everything the band does, their fiercely loyal fans, BTS ARMYs, freaked out. 

Just as the Oscars performance of “Shallow” between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper drew a great deal of praise from fans everywhere, BTS’ own performance on the “SNL” stage was met with critical acclaim. 

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