Flying Turtle Crashes Through Shell-Shocked Woman's Car Windshield

Incredibly, the reptile survived the crash.

A woman in Florida was left seriously shaken up after a flying turtle crashed through her car’s windshield.

Nicole Marie Bjanes was driving at 75 miles per hour on I-4 in Deltona on Monday when the reptile suddenly smashed through her front window, bounced off the passenger seat and landed on the dashboard.

"As soon as it hit the windshield, of course I was a little freaked out and hysterical," Bjanes told ABC News. 

She posted photographs of the aftermath to Facebook (above) soon after, and the images are now going viral.

Florida Highway Patrol officers confirmed that the turtle had been thrown airborne after being struck by another vehicle in front. Incredibly, Bjanes only suffered minor injuries and was treated for minor cuts by EMTs at the scene.

The turtle was unscathed and placed in a nearby pond, where it swam away.