Turtles High-Five Under Water (VIDEO)

WATCH: Turtles High-Five Just Like People

One of these turtles must have done something awesome, since nothing else could have warranted such an enthusiastic high-five. Or maybe they're just congratulating themselves for helping Marlin find Nemo.

Whatever the case, around 12 seconds into this YouTube video there's something that looks strikingly similar to the human motion commonly seen following successful keg stands.

These turtles aren't the only animals to recently display human-like actions.

Recently, Kanzi the fun-loving male bonobo has learned how to cook his own food.

There's also Bailey, the buffalo who cruises around his Canada town in a car and likes to hit the dance floor.

Back in August, an orangutan at Japan's Tama Zoo got his 15 minutes of fame when a visitor recorded him dipping a towel into a pool, wringing it out, and dabbing his face and upper body to cool off.


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