The Ergonomic Hip Carrier For Babies That TikTok Moms Love

According to a pediatrician, the incredibly comfortable TushBaby hip seat can reduce strain on your back when holding your kid.
The internet-famous TushBaby carrier is a supportive and ergonomic hip seat suitable for children up to three years old.
The internet-famous TushBaby carrier is a supportive and ergonomic hip seat suitable for children up to three years old.

I don’t have children of my own, however, I’ve held enough of them to know they get pretty heavy after a while. A leisurely stroll clutching a 15-pound kiddo on your hip can quickly turn into a strained back, a misaligned spine and an exhausted set of arms that just want to call it quits.

However, one cleverly and ergonomically designed baby carrier has emerged from TikTok to support the tired bodies of caregivers everywhere: The TushBaby hip seat. This innovative and extremely comfortable carrier hooks securely around your waist above the hips using an adjustable safety buckle. The extended memory foam seat offers a stable perch for a child, while the TushBaby better disperses their weight and helps to free up the holder’s hands.

According to Dr. Whitney Casares, a board-certified pediatrician based in Portland, Oregon, the considerate design of this wearable seat does more than just make holding a baby more comfortable. It can be safer for them too.

“When the child is resting on the seat facing into the caregiver’s hip, this puts the child in an ‘M’ shape or ‘spread squat’ position, which keeps the thighs supported and decreases the risk of hip dysplasia for the child,” Casares said.

She added that because the carrier ― which is suitable for children aged zero to three years (or up to 45 pounds) ― sits above the hips and has built-in lumbar support, it “evenly distributes a baby’s weight across both caregivers’s hips, [and] it can protect against extra stress on the arms, shoulders, back, and neck that often occur with baby carriers.”

Jamie Robinson, a former child development specialist and TikToker, agrees that the TushBaby has been a game changer when it comes to alleviating back pain and adding an element of ease to child-carrying.

“I notice I don’t have to shift my weight to one side as I’m carrying my son like I normally do when I’m holding him,” Robinson told HuffPost.

In addition to being a handy accessory for outings and events, Robinson said that the carrier, which can also be used for breastfeeding, is great for wearing around the house, especially if you have a clingy baby that wants to be held.

“One of my favorite things about the carrier, apart from how it has helped my back, is that my little guy likes it SO much better than a normal carrier. He’s never been a fan of being confined, so a typical carrier has never been a big hit for him,” she said.

Lehandra Staude, another TikTok mom who believes in the benefits of TushBaby, points to its functionality and cavernous compartments as a major bonus point.

″[It has] lots of pockets, so for quick trips, I don’t even bring a diaper bag. I just shove a few diapers, wipes, maybe a spare change of clothes and go! There’s pockets for my phone and wallet as well!” Staude said.

Below, you can snag one of these comfy carriers for yourself, or browse some similar options via Amazon, Target, and BuyBuyBaby.

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The TushBaby carrier
The TushBaby carrier is available in several different fabric options, features a memory foam-lined seat and has a number of storage compartments to fit diapers, bottles, your phone and more. When not in use, the carrier folds away compactly for easy storage, and you can also purchase a waistband extender to accommodate a variety of body types.
Moby 2-in-1 carrier
This comfortable-to-wear carrier easily transitions as your child grows and offers four different ergonomic carrying options, including front- and back-facing. The detachable bib adds to the carrier's versatility and allows you to go completely hands-free.
Bebamour hip seat
This hip carrier by Bebamour closely resembles the TushBaby seat— it's compact, offers a number of different carrying positions and can help ease back strain when carrying a child. It features release buttons on either side of the anti-slip seat to allow it to fold completely flat and into the attached storage bag.
Ergobaby hip seat baby carrier
The cushioned seat on this transitional carrier from Ergobaby is large enough to support growing children up to 45 pounds. A detachable support bib offers hands-free carrying and even has a tuck-away baby hood that folds out to provide sun protection. Both the bib and the removable seat cover are machine-washable and the velcro waistband is wide for the wearer's comfort.
Bebamour front and back carrier
For even more carrying options and and an added layer of support, this carrier by Bebamour features a detachable and adjustable bib that allows you to wear your baby on your front or back hands-free. It still uses the same wedge seat design and it's available in eight different color options.
Chicco SideKick hip seat carrier
Wearable either facing your front or side, this simple hip carrier uses a sturdy non-slip seat so your child stays secure while being held. The structured waist-belt also offers lumbar support for the wearer, and a quick-access zippered compartment on the side lets you store valuables easily.
Honch hands-free baby carrier
This waist stool features a safety band for your child well as a neck strap for the person wearing the carrier to help disperse the weight of the baby. There's also an added bottle holder and large storage compartment built into the front of the carrier.

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