Bob Carey Shares The Story Behind The Pink Tutu That Won Our Hearts

The Incredible Reason Why This Man Is Wearing A Pink Tutu

For Bob Carey, staying optimistic after his wife's breast cancer diagnosis was as simple as putting tu and tu together.

Carey began taking pictures of himself in a pink tutu -- and only a pink tutu -- in various whimsical locations and sharing them with his wife, Linda. The resulting work, now referred to as "The Tutu Project," helped lift both his and Linda's spirits and immediately went viral on the Internet in 2012.

In a video released on YouTube last week, the couple reflected on the project, their relationship and the idea of "keeping everything light and not so serious" despite a difficult diagnosis.

"The project really is no longer about Bob and I but all those who have been touched by cancer," Linda told The Huffington Post earlier this year.

The photos have since been compiled in a book, Ballerina, with all proceeds going directly to breast cancer organizations.

Ultimately, says Linda in the video, "It's just a good story about love."

WATCH the video, above.
PHOTOS from the project, below:

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Washington Monument. Washington DC. 2012

The Tutu Project

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