19 TV And Movie Characters You Didn't Realize Were Bisexual

We know you're bicurious.

When Robin Gee, a 24-year-old illustrator from Wisconsin, sees a bi character on TV or in a movie, she sits up and takes notice. While we’re beginning to see more content that delves into the gay experience, historically it’s a lot less common to see bisexual characters onscreen.

The good news? That’s finally starting to change. In celebration of Bi Week, which began Sunday, Gee highlighted her favorite fictional bi characters in a recent Twitter thread.

She started things off with Rosa Diaz, everyone’s favorite curmudgeonly cop from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Darryl from “Crazy Ex Girlfriend,” of course, made the list:

The illustrator included some classics, too, like Wonder Woman, who a DC writer confirmed was bisexual back in 2016. (Gal Gadot said the same leaning likely holds true for her cinematic version. “She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts,” the actress told Variety in 2016.)

Others started chiming in with their bi faves as well, including “Game of Thrones’” legendary lover Oberyn Martell:

And Casey Gardner from Netflix’s “Atypical”

While it’s a fun Twitter thread, it highlights a very serious point: Bisexual representation matters. The more fluid and diverse our fictional characters are, the more likely we are to see their real-life counterparts as nuanced and interesting, rather than as empty stereotypes.

That’s especially important for members of the bi community, who are often rendered invisible or misunderstood within the LGBTQ+ community and in general. (Bisexual erasure is a huge issue.)

Plus, up until recently, most bi characters were portrayed as overtly sexual or, as Gee described it, painted with an unfair “slutty bisexual” brush.

“True representation means that there are enough bisexual characters [on TV and in movies] that we’ll start to see bi characters who are monogamous, non-monogamous, good, evil, morally gray, and who aren’t just white, able-bodied thin people,” she said.

Needless to say, she’s heartened by the current crop of fictional characters who are into men and women.

“I’m so excited ― and, not going to lie, a little jealous ― of the kids who get to grow up right now and see people other than straight white men getting to be full, three-dimensional characters,” she said.

Scroll down for more of Gee and others Twitter users’ favorite bi (and likely bi) characters.

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