TV Characters I Want To Chow Down With

I am a pretty big fan of food and an even bigger fan of people who enjoy a good meal. I can't tell you how annoyed I get when out to dinner with someone who just doesn't eat (And I'm not talking about people dealing with debilitating eating disorders or other illnesses, because that is something different entirely.) We all have that one friend that order an appetizer size portion or a side salad at every meal and then picks at it the entire time. Heaven forbid you suggest the dessert menu for the loo of horror they give you. That just doesn't fly with me. I agree with "all things in moderation" and don't condone eating a huge entrée and dessert at every meal (because that's just unhealthy) but I simply can't stomach someone who is so … uninterested in food. I do have a few friends who fit the bill of the ideal dinner companion but there are also plenty of fictional characters that I would love to grab some grub with.

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