TV Execs Garth Ancier, David Neuman Exonerated


Over a year after teen sex abuse claims against Bryan Singer and three others rocked Hollywood and lit up the Internet, the then-lawyers for accuser Michael Egan have admitted to two of the formerly accused, Garth Ancier and David Neuman, that the allegations against them were untrue. 
In connection with signed admissions, lawyers Jeff Herman of Florida and Mark Gallgher of Hawaii paid what Ancier's representatives described as a "seven-figure" settlement to the two men, whom the lawyers now admit were wrongly accused. Both lawyers also apologized for the damage done by the lawsuits, which Herman had announced at a standing-room only press conference in Los Angeles featuring Egan and Egan's tearful mother, Bonnie Mound.
That press conference, which focused on Ancier, Neuman and Gary Goddard, was a sequel to one held the prior week, at which Herman presented the suit against Singer. The one-two combination of high-profile media events generated a firestorm of publicity, which Herman used in an attempt to drum up additional clients. Indeed, correspondence between Herman and Gallagher listed additional Hollywood gay men they intended to target.
"I participated in making what I now know to be untrue and proveably false allegations against you," said Herman in letters dated June 5, 2015, and addressed to Ancier and Neuman. "I have resolved this matter with compensation to you. I am hopeful that you can recover fully."
Gallagher said in two June 4, 2015, letters, "I now do not believe that the allegations in the lawsuit were true and accurate. I deeply regret the unjustified pain, suffering and significant damage the lawsuit and publicity has caused [Mr. Ancier / Mr. Neuman], and his family, friends, and colleagues."

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