'Heathers' TV Show Teaser Drops To Remind Us Who The Really Mean Girls Are

It's about time that clique came back.

Those mean girls from the 1980s are back.

“Heathers,” a new TV series based on the cult movie classic about a toxic clique of high school girls, dropped its teaser late Sunday.

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The 10-episode anthology series, set in the present day, premieres on the Paramount Network in early 2018, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Grace Victoria Cox plays the character originally assumed by Winona Ryder, and she even sounds like her in the clip above. James Scully portrays the Christian Slater role.

In an intriguing twist, one of the Heathers originally played by Shannen Doherty is now in the hands of actor Brendan Scannell playing a character named Heath who identifies as gender-queer, the Hollywood Reporter noted.

Doherty, incidentally, will reportedly appear in the pilot. 

Welcome back, Heathers!