TV Reporter's Revenge Against Videobombers Is Comedic Gold

You might want to think twice the next time you flash a double peace sign or try to pull off your own Erykah Badu-style ambush of a live television news shot. At least if you're in Chicago.

While on location at the Taste of Chicago food festival, WGN Morning News reporter Pat Tomasulo was up to his old tricks, setting up a fake live shot and interviewing any unsuspecting onlookers who tried to force their way into the shot. The result? Well, let's just say Tomasulo wasn't asking about the fest's signature turkey legs.

Watch the hilarious hijinks above. We give extra kudos to Donna, who's reportedly still providing main-stage services for "1972 prices." And Rodrigo? We're glad people have been "really cool about it," but you really might want to think about that safe word.

Tomasulo also spoke with a whole other batch of videobombers at the Taste, if you just can't get enough.



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