TV Reporter's Water Breaks Right At This Moment During Newscast

NBC New York's Natalie Pasquarella is "overjoyed" with her newborn son.

NBC New York’s Natalie Pasquarella was delivering the news Tuesday night when she discovered it was time to deliver something more personal.

Her water broke while she was about to comment during a segment on Twitter’s proposed new character limit, eliciting a giggle from the expecting anchor.

Watch that moment below. Hear the uneasy laugh? Baby time. 


Like a “true professional,” as one colleague called her, Pasquarella calmy finished the broadcast before letting staff know she was in labor. An executive producer helped get her to the hospital, where she met her husband Jamin Pastore, NBC noted.

Thirteen hours later, Jamin James Pastore arrived.

The anchor told the station she and her husband are “overjoyed.”

And on an adorable Instagram photo of her growing family, she wrote: “Our hearts are full!”



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