A Bunch Of European TV Shows Are Mocking Donald Trump With Spoof Tourism Ads

“Sixty percent of Americans think that Portugal is a province of Spain. They probably voted for you."

Satirical TV shows across Europe are trying to woo U.S. President Donald Trump. In a way.

They’re using hilarious spoof tourism ads to persuade him to put their nations “second” (because he has already pledged to put “America First”).

Dutch TV show “Zondag Met Lubach” kicked off the proceedings in January when it used Trump’s own speaking style to point out the Netherlands’ best assets. Not to be outdone, shows in Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Lithuania have all followed suit.

The is aiming for all European nations to eventually put forward their case to enjoy a “special relationship” with the U.S. Check out the clips below:

  • 1 The Netherlands
    Zondag Met Lubach
    “We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got all the best words.”
  • 2 Belgium
    De Ideale Wereld
    "ABBA is the most famous Belgian band in history. Well, they're Swedish, but according to alternative facts they're Belgian. I swear."
  • 3 Switzerland
    Deville Late Night
    “We’re not flat, like for example the Netherlands. They are so flat. Total disaster.”
  • 4 Lithuania
    Laisvės TV
    "We are the center of Europe and the best country in Europe. Period. All the others are losers. Are they in the center? No, we are. Bullseye."
  • 5 Portugal
    5 Para a Meia-Noite
    “Sixty percent of Americans think that Portugal is a province of Spain. They probably voted for you.”
  • 6 Denmark
    "You have the Statue of Liberty, we have The Little Mermaid. But don’t let the name fool you. The Little Mermaid is actually pretty huge. Not little, but huge, okay? like your hands are huge, okay?"
  • 7 Germany
    Neo Magazine Royale
    “Everything is orange in the Netherlands, which we totally love because you are orange too, but the Dutch are dangerous.”
  • 8 Luxembourg
    “We have MONEY, a lot of money, it’s just plain stupid."
  • 9 Italy
    "Now we know Mr. President that our flag looks a little bit like Mexican’s flag, but we’re so different from Mexicans, so different."
  • 10 Bulgaria
    “Just like you we’ve built a wall on the border, we actually made others pay for it.”
  • 11 Moldova
    "Romania sucks big time."
  • 12 Austria
    “We hold family values in very high esteem, we have a lot of children, really yuge families.”
  • 13 Czech Republic
    "Spain? Or as we like to call it, the original Mexico? Hate them."
  • 14 Iceland
    "Forget the Neanderlands, we’re better in every way."
  • 15 Finland
    "Finnish food? It’s the best, OK."
  • 16 Spain
    "Look at this. Los Pirineos. We made it. It’s a wall of ice to protect us against the white walkers from the north."

We will add in the new segments as and when they become available.

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