See All The Epic Orgies From Your Favorite TV Shows (NSFW)

"Don't you know what it means to become an orgy guy?!"

On Sunday night, "True Detective" had one of the most upscale, creepiest orgies shown on the small screen when Rachel McAdams' Ani went undercover. But that may make you wonder, have there been other orgies depicted on TV shows? Why yes, of course!

To refresh your memory, The Huffington Post found all the orgy scenes we could (our jobs are tough) and made one big orgy of an orgy video. There's goofy orgies, like that "Eyes Wide Shut" spoof from "It's Always Sunny," there's Jerry Seinfeld rambling about how he's not ready to be "an orgy guy," and then of course there's the best, and most diverse, sex-capade in the history of TV orgies in Netflix's "Sense8." Check out the very NSFW video to get your orgy fix.

Video production: Ben Craw

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